What I am learning about social media these days is that it is very essential for that small business owner to get a really good handle on their marketing efforts and keep their followers engaged.

Churches and personal Christian online ministries are also now finding out how social media is proving to be a great opportunity for evangelism and counselling online.

People are using social media to get the word out about Jesus Christ and also to get information for personal issues. It is now part of our daily lives.

I am sharing these 3 top tips to help you make a success of your social media efforts and avoid mistakes that are commonly made.

1. Stop planning and start doing

Get started on your effort to engage the right target audience online. Stay on the minds of your audience by updating your status regularly.

A common mistake is not providing your followers with relevant information that meets their needs or what they can identify with. Focus on answering questions and provide content that is of interest to them. You can even ask for their feedback.

2. Posting too often can be a trap

Don’t post just for the sake of posting. Learn how each social media network works and update your statuses accordingly. You will very likely lose followers if you’re posting too often.

Try to quickly learn which social media network fits your business or ministry and stick with it. Find a good balance for the number of times to post in a day or week.

3. Become creative in getting your audience to like your posts

One engagement strategy that keeps on working is providing inspirational updates, Scriptures and wise quotes. Images are also creative ways to grab your audiences’ attention.

Don’t make the mistake of not using this unique and original way of getting your followers to like your posts. Make the images relevant to your business promotions or ministry messages.


These top tips for social media will help increase your confidence and show you where you’re getting the most engagement with your followers and also where to focus your efforts.

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