Don’t just get a website, but build a solid online presence.

As a consultant, small business owner, small church leader or solopreneur, you should be thinking about what your online presence should offer your target audience. What do you want to achieve online and why are you doing it?

These are questions I ask people enquiring about a new website for their business or ministry. What are the business or ministry objectives and what do the website visitors need to get from the website?

Most people have the desire to increase revenue and increase awareness for their business or ministry. They may also want the website to help automate some of the business or ministry tasks.

Most website visitors would be looking to get to know more about your business, church or charity and maybe how to purchase your products or services.

Before creating a website, think about how the website can achieve goals for you and your target market.

Good planning is essential for a professional online presence and it would go a long way in helping you decide which functionality and features you need on your website for your target market.

Your website should be built to attract your perfect client, customer or fan.

Who is your perfect client?

Knowing this information would greatly improve the way you can help them solve their problems.

How do you give your perfect client a visible, quick and good improvement with immediate benefits on your website? You can create a free content that could help them overcome a challenge. Produce free content for them constantly, so they keep coming back.

Providing consistent value for your target audience is one way to grow your online presence and visibility.

Your website is the centre of your online presence, so build it well from the start.

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