Choosing a good domain name for your Church or business website can be very challenging and you might feel that all the good names have already been taken.

However, being a little creative and with the guidance of the Holy Spirit, it is possible to get it right.

If your Church name or business name is already short and memorable, then it is a good idea to get that as a domain name for your website.

It would give your ministry or business credibility because people can remember the name easily and find you quickly online.

It is important to use wisdom in buying a domain name for your website, as it is a very valuable investment, even though it isn’t particularly expensive.

If the domain name of your choice is available, then buy it as soon as possible because you might discover it is gone by the time you go back to buy it.

Your Church or business domain name is like a phone number. Invest in a good domain name and build it as a brand.

Remember that the domain name you choose will be on all your letterheads, business cards and newsletters, online and offline, so choose a really good domain name.

If the domain name you desire is already taken, then consider getting a domain name that describes your church, business, blog topic, product or service.

You can also buy a domain name relating to a possible area of business or ministry that you would like to develop in the future.

If your Church’s name is long and you are trying to reach the local community or town, then a good choice would be to choose a domain name that relates to that community.

Select a domain name that is memorable, easy to say and short. Let it clearly sum up what your website or blog is about and what it does. Keep it clean, crisp and clear!

Another strategy is to choose a domain name that contains an important keyword that people would use when searching for something online, for example, or


What to watch out for

Do not choose a domain name that has the potential to bring confusion when visitors are searching for your website online. Make sure your domain name is a real word or a memorable word combination and not a misspelling.

Ideally you don’t want your visitors guessing what your website is about, whether it’s a craft or a hobby store. So choose a good domain name that is very clear and unforgettable.

Never have your domain name registered in someone else’s name! Don’t let your webmaster/web-designer do it for you and be listed as the owner. You WON’T have any control over your brand.

If there are any issues in the future, they could take it away from you and you can’t move it elsewhere.
Make sure you buy it yourself and with your own debit/credit card.

That way renewal notices are sent out to you by email when your domain is about to expire and DO NOT forget to renew, as you could loose the domain name. Remember to set up automatic renewals on your account, thereby ensuring your domain name is renewed automatically.

There are many sad stories of well established company or church websites being held to ransom because they don’t even own their domain names. It is a good idea to be wise in these things. won’t register a domain name for you. You will be given great support and advice in getting a good domain name for your church or business website, but only your own contact details should be used to register it.

That way, you would have all the rights to your domain name. To learn more about this,

There are many companies online offering to sell you domain names and it can be difficult at times to know whom to buy from. Buy from a reliable company. You can buy hosting for your website from the same company too.

If you need any assistance, contact me.


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