E-commerce is basically about making transactions online and if you have a brick-and-mortar (off-line) business or a home business, then it is time to extend that aspect of your business onto the internet.

Do you have a successful business and a good website that is serving your customers well?

Are you getting more enquiries from your customers about how they would like to purchase your goods or services online? Does your website need an E-commerce update?

There are many aspects to an E-commerce website. It isn’t just about adding a PayPal button to a website to pay for a product or service. Adding an E-commerce strategy for your online business can save you and your customers time and also give you more sales revenue.

Developing an effective E-commerce aspect for your website would depend on your general business model. Things like if you sell products or services and if you sell to wholesalers or directly to consumers.

Doing business online would help you understand your customers better and create an experience that exceeds their expectations.

Your online business website should help you attract more customers who are already shopping online. It should help you grow your online presence and help you measure online success.

If you have an unprofessional-looking website, some damage will be done to your website users’ experience and to your online branding.

Remember not to take risks with your online reputation. If you have a really good website and an excellent E-commerce strategy in place, then you will be a cut above your competitors!

Becoming successful online involves understanding how to put this crucial part into your business plan. Your online business will benefit from a 24-hour accessibility, gain more customers and potentially increase your profits.


What do you need?

The first thing is to either create an E-commerce website or add the capability to your website. Then decide which products or services to sell online, how to accept payments and the delivery methods for the goods.

Then you would need an effective online marketing strategy to get the customers coming back for repeat sales.



When a simple but successful E-commerce plan is put in place for your online business, you would wonder why you hadn’t started before now. You wouldn’t become an overnight success, as online customers sometimes need to build trust in your online presence and website, but sticking with it will definitely give you long term success.

Another thing is that online shopping is continuing to grow and most businesses expect the majority of their online sales to come from mobile phones these days, so developing a mobile-friendly online business strategy is important.

Contact me for information on how to create an E-commerce website for your business. It doesn’t stop there, as I give full support, advice and on-going maintenance help if needed.



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