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  1. Short testimony on how you came to know Jesus Christ.

I used to dislike born again Christians most of my early adult life, and I did all I could to snub them, and make being around me very unpleasant for them.

A lot of born again Christians though, tried to convert me at various times, but I rebuffed them, until I met my wife (she was born again when I met her), who through utter patience, understanding, and courage, got me to listen to issues concerning her faith. Still, I kept my distance from the whole born again concept.

One Sunday morning, I went out for my usual road work, and along the line, I saw some Christians going to Church in their posh car, and I wondered aloud why they allowed themselves to be brainwashed into a concept that is totally alien to our culture.  I also saw a family dressed in tattered clothes, going to the same church, and I became really angry with them, and I really wanted to give them a piece of my mind.

Suddenly, I found out that I could not walk again; then I had this strange urge to go to a particular Pentecostal church in town, and fellowship with them.  I felt that was a silly thing to do, so, I ignored it, and tried to continue my road walk.  I quickly realized that the more I tried to move, the more frustrated I became.  Eventually, I gave up, and turned back, only to find out that I could walk perfectly again.  So, I ran all the way back to my house, had a quick shower, dressed up smartly, and rushed to the said church.

On getting there, I saw people singing, dancing, and worshipping God, and I was sincerely touched.  I subsequently followed the entire service with rapt attention. Afterwards, all of us, visitors, were taken to a room to meet the pastor in charge for a chat, and some refreshments. The refreshments given to us were not a big deal to me, but, I concluded that since they found it expedient to feed others, then they were good people, which I wouldn’t mind to associate myself with.  I later gave my life to Jesus Christ shortly after on February 4, 1991.

  1. Why you started a blog about your faith?

I started a blog to fulfil my earlier pledge to use my gift of writing to honour God, and spread the good news regarding His Kingdom.

  1. What’s been easy about blogging?

I have no problems with materials to be used, as I have loads of them!  In addition, I found it easy to join many groups, and connect with other bloggers worldwide.  This has helped to widen my horizon considerably.  Also, a lot of people took it upon themselves to promote my blog, and divert attention to what I am doing.  For these, I am most grateful!

  1. What’s been difficult about blogging?

Time is a major constraint I have to deal with! It is not easy to combine blogging with my professional activities.   It has also been very difficult for me to deal with people who use my posts to popularize their nefarious activities.

  1. What’s kept you going?

The grace of God, the joy of doing something for Him, the sizeable number of people that are being blessed by my activities all over the world, and the assurance of good rewards (earthly and eternal) from God, kept me going!

  1. What advice for someone starting out to blog about their faith?

Initially, people may not visit your site, and this could be quite frustrating.  Some people may even run you down; a couple of people ran me down and told me off at the outset. My advice is that you should not give in to man-made obstacles; just push on!

  1. How you hope to expand the online ministry?

By networking with other bloggers; joining more Christian groups; talking to people about my online activities, and advertising in reputable online media outfits.


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