I could write about why you would need a website or why a website was so essential for your business or ministry, but I would rather you read what people are saying about how valuable a business or church website was to them . . .

People drive past our church, they see our sign board and sometimes contact us by phone. We don’t have a website.

How wonderful it would be for us if people saw our website address and went online to find out more about us and the times for our services?

The website would help people make up their minds about attending our church. I truly believe that we are missing out on some opportunities.


I networked with someone years ago and she had mentioned her website. I went online recently and just randomly searched on Google using a keyword to checkout the website.

I was pleasantly surprised to find a well laid out and carefully crafted website that spoke volumes! I could see that she took her business seriously and had created a wonderful site for her customers!

I couldn’t wait to recommend it to friends! I was also able to contact her and rekindle our friendship.


I am a Pastor. Our church website needs more than a facelift! The site only gives our address, phone number and times of service – it’s an old website!

People call me on the phone to find out more about our programmes and I then tell them about the special services and events. This information isn’t on our website.

We now want a website that would give all the information a prospective visitor to our church would want to know.

A website that would give information about our special services and family events. Getting that information out there would save me some time on having to tell each caller about these events…

I am just being real. 🙂


A friend gave me the name of a company that offered printing services.

I went online and was pleased to see on their website that the company had a local branch not too far from where I lived.

I gave them a call and although they couldn’t help me at the time, I now feel more confident to use them in the future.




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