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How is Twitter useful for your business, church or ministry?

Twitter contains information you will find valuable. Many users find it enjoyable and exciting to contribute their own subject matter to Twitter (this is called “tweeting”). Whoever is interested in what you have to say may follow you and they will also see all the...

Domain Name Choice

Choosing a good domain name for your Church or business website can be very challenging and you might feel that all the good names have already been taken. However, being a little creative and with the guidance of the Holy Spirit, it is possible to get it right. If...

Benefits of being online

An online presence is important for any Christian business or ministry. If you have a website, even if you are the smallest church or business, it enables you to raise your profile and to communicate information about a topic, product, your achievements or needs to...

Why you need a website

I could write about why you would need a website or why a website was so essential for your business or ministry, but I would rather you read what people are saying about how valuable a business or church website was to them . . . People drive past our church, they...

Getting started

The importance of an online presence in this day and age couldn't be stressed enough. You will appreciate my point as you continue to read my blog posts. Why is an online presence important to a business or ministry? Your business or ministry will benefit immensely...

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