Web-Design Services

It’s paramount that every business, church or personal ministry, charity or non-profit organization has an online presence.

LifeOnSite.co.uk can help you get started – Simply, Quickly & Successfully.

We can help you get the right balance between creativity, functionality and online business goals. Your website gets clarity and you get desired business results.

We do websites, digital marketing and training. Located in Send, Surrey, UK. We’re committed to helping you join the world of the web in a confident way, so that you can make a success of your business or ministry online.


How can LifeOnSite.co.uk help you?

We can help you with an E-Commerce or Membership solution.
We can help you bring your ‘off-line’ businesses online successfully.
We can help you re-focus your website goals to achieve measurable results (ROI).
We can help you engage customers using email marketing.
We can help you keep up with digital marketing and social media trends.


Contact us – For a quick website and digital marketing solution


LifeOnSite.co.uk can provide you with an up-to-date, attractive, functional and reliable website which will reflect your business or ministry well, take it to the next level of success and meet your needs.

Our honed process for getting your website online is quick and painless for you. LifeOnSite.co.uk operates a fast turn-around system. The aim is to put your mind at ease.



Click on the image below to view a sample website 

The website displays different features and an online store (E-Commerce)