“I find the internet overwhelming. How can my website become popular and make money? I see other websites and wonder how my website idea can also get that much popularity?!”

This was a discussion I had with someone recently and it was a little challenging to explain technical terms to a ‘non-techy’ person, but I tried to answer all of her questions.

One of our discussion topics was about not knowing the difference between a website and a blog. She had heard so much about blogging.

I personally love using WordPress, so I started my explanation from there.
I explained what was the main difference between a website and a blog, primarily from the aspect of the layout.

A blog is only a part of a website. That part is designed like a diary (figuratively) and should be understood as such. Categories are like the months of the year and the posts are like the days in that month. Simple enough?

WordPress software is fully structured as a blog. The beauty of it is that it can also be set up as a website, because it has static pages (imagine a page in a book – holding text and images).

These pages are the same as other websites you see on the Internet. So a WordPress website is a combination of these two features – a website and a blog.

So why use any other software to create your business or ministry website? WordPress is used to power popular blogs like New York Times. If it is good for them, then it is good for you too!


I hope the information shared also simplifies things for you? Contact me or join our mailing list, if you have questions about the Internet.

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