People create websites for different purposes; be it for profit, entertainment or to share the Good News of Jesus Christ online.

Websites have become a necessity for every business, Christian ministry and even for an individual to blog. If your business or ministry website has had the same design since 2009, perhaps it is high-time to do a website redesign.

You don’t want to redesign your website just for the sake of it, but if you are wondering if it is the right time to do a redesign of the layout, then consider these facts.


Responsive Websites

People always want to follow the latest trends, be it in fashion, sports or hair styles. In the world of the internet and websites, the latest trend are Responsive websites. A responsive website is one that works everywhere – smartphones, tablets and laptops, giving your visitors a uniform experience.

Your business or ministry website definitely needs a redesign if it isn’t responsive at this time. There is a massive amount of mobile users and that number is increasing every day.

Every small business or church needs to make sure that their products or services are easily found on mobile devices by mobile searches performed by consumers.


Website Goal

Remember that a website design should serve a specific purpose. So if you do a redesign of your business, church or personal website, make sure that you don’t lose that specific goal.

Think about how your website is presently being used by your visitors or how you would want it used in the future.

With a new design, you would want your visitors to take a look at your content and not leave your site because the design isn’t professional or good-looking.

There are a lot of factors to consider when doing a website redesign. Redesigning your website is like performing plastic surgery on it. The overall strategy is to know how you will meet your visitors’ needs.


Website Traffic

One very important point is that SEO should form a part of the redesign process, as your traffic might drop off, if the risk isn’t mitigated properly.

Don’t allow your website to lose its current identity. Help your regular visitors to recognise your new design straight away. Don’t let them think they landed on the wrong website and risk losing them.

Make sure to keep characteristic features from your old layout, like the logo or brand colours.



So, having considered some of the points for a website redesign, do you actually NEED one? If you look at your current business or Christian ministry website and don’t feel 100% proud of it, then a change is definitely needed.

Think of your website as an investment and treat it as such. Having a responsive website would surely help boost sales or promote a positive up-to-date image of your business or ministry.

It would help you have more confidence in your online presence and your potential customers and visitors will see that you seriously plan to succeed online.


If you are still wondering if you need a responsive website as part of your online marketing strategy, contact me.



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