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Your website has great potential

Get your website and yourself working together to grow your business or ministry It takes more than just setting up a website to make it work successfully for you. It takes good planning. Most small business or small church websites don’t live up to their potential....

A business or ministry website isn’t enough

Don’t just get a website, but build a solid online presence. As a consultant, small business owner, small church leader or solopreneur, you should be thinking about what your online presence should offer your target audience. What do you want to achieve online and why...

E-commerce for a small business website?

E-commerce is basically about making transactions online and if you have a brick-and-mortar (off-line) business or a home business, then it is time to extend that aspect of your business onto the internet. Do you have a successful business and a good website that is...

The Testimony of a Christian Blogger

Dr Adedayo Stoney Adegbulu is very successful at blogging about our Lord Jesus Christ online. Read about what has kept him going and get his books from Amazon. Short testimony on how you came to know Jesus Christ. I used to dislike born again Christians most of my...

Canva – an online platform to simplify the design process

This is a short video showing how to create simply amazing images for your website or social media posts, using Canva. It makes designing professional images simple for everyone. The video shows you how to easily edit your photos. Canva is a free online design...

Is it time to redesign my website?

People create websites for different purposes; be it for profit, entertainment or to share the Good News of Jesus Christ online. Websites have become a necessity for every business, Christian ministry and even for an individual to blog. If your business or ministry...

What is a successful website?

How would you define a successful website if you had a business or an online ministry? Don’t be tempted that having a stylish layout and vibrant colours is the definition of a successful website. Those things might just impress your close friends, without considering...

3 Top Tips to improving your social media efforts

What I am learning about social media these days is that it is very essential for that small business owner to get a really good handle on their marketing efforts and keep their followers engaged. Churches and personal Christian online ministries are also now finding...

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